Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Diversity drivel Diversity drivel

Vincent Carroll in the RMN: "Diversity drivel" scores a new diversity program in the Cherry Creek school district.
If planning for the future, delaying gratification and self-reliance are "aspects and assumptions of white culture," as the paper insists, instead of good habits that assist all of us in achieving our goals, then people who harp on such traits may unconsciously be putting minorities down. Thus the perverse logic of such exercises.

The idea behind such training, as I explained in two columns last May on Cherry Creek's embrace of radical diversity ideology, is that the achievement gap between some ethnic groups is mainly a product of institutional racism and the culture of "Whiteness." Teachers with the suspect pigmentation are expected to feel guilt and shame.
What is really tragic is that this is coming from the school district that has had probably the premier public high school in Colorado at least since I was in high school 40 years ago. It is precisely that "planning for the future, delaying gratification and self-reliance" that have given the school district so many high SAT scores and Ivy League college admittees.

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