Saturday, November 11, 2006

Internet Scams - Stock Fraud#4 Internet Scams - Stock Fraud#4

Interesting reverse here in this Stock Spam message. They are pointing out that there are a lot of people short on this very thinly traded stock, and, thus, the price has to go up for all those shorters to cover. Of course, a lot of people are short, since it is a stock scam. And they may have a point here, that in the short run, some people might be able to benefit for this. But by the time I got this, I am sure that any profits from short sellers were long gone.
Also, note that "an unrelated third party" here has made $25k for sending out this spam. Most likely not the person who actually sent it, but someone up stream from him. Also, the email ostensibly came from someone at Not likely.

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