Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today's elections Today's elections

I am voting today. I could have voted early, like most of my family, but would have had to drive down to Breckenridge, whereas my precinct polling place is within easy walking distance. That one of the differences between being registered in a small county(like Summit here) and in a big county (Jefferson for my father and brothers).

One thing of interest is that there is so much last minute hype - despite the fact that so many have already voted. I have been getting a couple of emails a day from the RNC, etc., and probably a lot of phone calls too, if I would ever answer them. Of course, the goal is to sway the last minute voter, who is far less likely to be well informed than those who vote early.

The articles in Real Clear Politics are an interesting mix. Both sides are predicting victory, though victory on the Republican side has been defined down to not losing Congress, or at a minimum, not losing both Houses. Excuses for both sides are already being published, presumably so that the author can claim prescience.

As a note from the above, I watched Newt Gingrich on Fox tonight. He is one of my favorite (ex) politicians. He seems to be reveling in his senior political statesman position, a lot more than he enjoyed being Speaker. In truth, he is really more of a thinker than a doer. In any case, I found it interesting that he avidedly reads Real Clear Politics to get a feel of what is going on in politics. I too find it one of my best sources.


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