Thursday, November 02, 2006

Memories from 40 years ago Memories from 40 years ago

I think that almost everyone recognizes the guy in the center of the stage. But most probably wouldn't recognize the guy slouching just to his right. Of course, the banner is a dead giveaway who it is: Ed Permutter, who most likely will be taking over Bob Beauprez's House seat for the Democrats next Tues.

Not having seen Ed in person for almost 40 years, I might not have recongized him either, if not for all the recent photos. But I do remember that sh** eating grin you see in the photo. We all belonged to Rolling Hills Country Club, east of Golden (CO) and swam for the swim team there. I was 15 or 16, and he was maybe 12. I remember that grin vividly. He already stood out from the crowd, and was almost accepted by my slightly older cohort. But the thing that I remember most about him was the same grin we see here. As he rose through the ranks in the CO legislature, that was the vision I had every time I heard his name. And to see it on him with President Clinton giving a fund raising speech for him is priceless.

The photo comes from an article in the RMN today titled: Clinton: Grab voters by the hand.


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