Friday, November 10, 2006

Breaking through Apple's FairPlay Breaking through Apple's FairPlay

CNET Breaking through Apple's FairPlay: DVD Jon is at it again, this time working to break Apple's lock on iPod content.

I originally thought that Jon Johansen was just operating overseas (after all, he is Norweigan) from us, thus avoiding the DMCA. But instead, it looks like Jon and his business associate, Monique Farantzos, have turned things on their head. They appaently aren't breaking copy or DRM protection, per se, but rather have a mechanism so that other devices can pretend to be iPods.

Patents anyone? Of course, patent enforcement has its own problems. But, for Apple's sake, hopefully they are well protected here. I wonder though, as Monique indicated that their lawyers have given them a green light.

Monique seems pretty interesting - she apparently learned about Johansen in a WSJ article, tracked him down, and convinced him to go into business with her in breaking Apple's monopoly here. That shows a lot of moxie.

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