Thursday, November 09, 2006

Spam (#5) Spam (#5)

My primary email account tries to filter out spam using Email Enforcer. A year ago, it worked pretty well, but it has gotten progressively worse, presumably due to not enough work being done to keep it up to date.

So, the way I work is to move the email that I want to read from my Inbox to a ToRead folder, delete what remains, as well as what is in my Spam folder, read the email in my ToRead, deleting some, and ultimately downloading the rest.

So, today, I started with 58 messages in my Inbox and 67 in my Spam folder. Of the 58, I wanted to read 13. Of the remaining 45, maybe 6 are not spam, including a note from Ken Mehlman, presumably trying to buck up the troops after the fiasco Tuesday. And, in the Spam folder, there was one legitimate email - from eBay, which is presumably why it was thrown in the Spam folder. It was easy to identify as legitimate. First, it contained my real userid. And, secondly, it didn't contain any links to update my account, but rather just a bunch of links to things to buy.

Of the spam that that Email Enforcer didn't pick up (maybe 39 emails), about half were stock scams. What is interesting though is that two of them predominated today:
  • email (10) touting Cana Petroleum that come from a person identified as X Y, with a subject of: It's X :)
  • email (4) touting Ever-Glory International (EGLY) that come from a person identified as X Y, with a subject of: X wrote:
I have a hard time believing that these people would believe that anyone getting ten identically identified emails (with only the names changed) wouldn't suspect some sort of spam or scam. And they are all apparently buying the same email lists.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I (in Germany) also recieved lots of identical emails suggesting to buy Cana Petroleum by people identified only by the first name (it´s Donna, it´s Louie, it´´s Frank). What a lot of Idiots out there.

4:26 AM  

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