Friday, October 06, 2006

Platte Canyon and South Park Platte Canyon and South Park

I wonder how many have figured out that Platte Canyon HS is in Park County, and the county seat is in Fairplay, in South Park. Yes, the same South Park in the TV series. Every time I drive through Fairplay, I note the three schools sitting on the east side of the street right together, K-12 on a campus significantly smaller than that of most suburban high schools. This is the real South Park school that the miscreants in the series would be attending.

When you are driving up U.S. 285, you have two choices in Fairplay, either take CO 9 over Hoosier Pass into Breckenridge, and hence up to Frisco, Silverthorne, and, importantly to me, Dillon. Or, keep on 285 over Kenosha Pass, then down by Bailey to Denver. I rarely do the later any more, since the 285 corrider has turned into a zoo over the last couple of decades as it has turned into rural bedroom community for Denver and environs (Fairplay on the other hand is a bedroom community for Breckenridge, etc.) It now has thousands of moderate to very expensive houses on a acre or more off in the thick Ponderosa pines. Kenosha Pass should be quite gorgeous still, since it is fairly low and has a lot of Aspens on the top.

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