Thursday, September 21, 2006

VOIP presents major security risk (?) VOIP presents major security risk (?)

InfoWorld: VOIP presents major security risk, expert warns.
Banks and other companies switching their phone systems to VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) are making themselves vulnerable to phishing attacks for which there are currently no effective detection or prevention tools, a security researcher warned Wednesday.
The idea apparently is that someone hacks your VoIP box, redirecting your conversations with your bank to their bank of phishers, who then proceed to steal you blind as a result. And, BTW, the "expert"
announced the release of alpha code for SIPhallis, a tool he wrote that allows security managers to manage SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) VOIP packets on their networks. "It gives you an interface to create and send VOIP packets; it also allows monitoring of VOIP packets," he said, adding the application can also be used to inject packets into a VOIP stream.
So, let's summarize. The anonymous expert has identified a security breach that can only be guarded against by implementing his proprietary solution. You would almost think that this was a sales article, and not a news article.

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