Wednesday, September 20, 2006

NYT Draws Ragged Line NYT Draws Ragged Line

NYO article: Times Draws Ragged Line Between Fact and Opinion points out that the NYT has changed the way news and opinion are to be displayed on its front page. Henceforth, if it is supposed to be news, then it will have even right and left columns (fully justified), whereas opinion is supposed to have a ragged right edge (left justified). But then, opinion on the commentary pages will be fully justified, looking like the "news" on the first page.
“If we put a column on the front page,” said Mr. Bodkin, “we want it to stand out as something different from the rest of the pieces on the page.”
Of course, this doesn't address the problem that the NYT doesn't always seem to realize when its editorial opinions have migrated into its "news" stories. Maybe someone can have some fun, complaining when opinion masquarading as news is mistaken as such because it is improperly fully justified, instead of the left justification required for opinion. Should be fun.


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