Monday, September 18, 2006

AOL (#3) AOL (#3)

I think that I finally did figure out the picture problem with AOL. It apparently embeds photos in its emails in a proprietary format that no one outside can handle. It also allows for regular attachments, but makes the photo inclusion much easier, so my guess is that is how most photos and the like are exchanged within AOL.

But knowing how non-standard this is, AOL strips them out when sending email outside its domain, resulting in the Illegal Message display for each photo enclosed.

I did a bit of testing with my new AOL account, sending to and receiving from it. And attaching photos works fine, either way. It is just when you send embedded photos outside AOL that you have a problem. Also, I sent them to two different ISPs, as well as my own mail server, and the results were identical.


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