Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ski season is around the corner Ski season is around the corner

Yesterday I installed a local weather report from the Weather Underground on my blog. And I just noticed that the temperature in Dillon is 27 degrees, five degrees below freezing. We can expect that the temperature at the nearby ski areas will be a couple of degrees cooler. In short, cool enough to make snow. And that means that the ski season is just around the corner.

Unfortunately, I suspect that Copper and Loveland will react to this faster than Vail Resorts, and, in particular, Keystone. Keystone isn't scheduled to open until about Nov. 7, whereas, at this rate, these other areas may be able to open by mid-October.

Of course, Copper Mountain is always a bit problematic. It opens early, just not to the public. It has found that it makes a lot of money off of lodging for early season race training, and typically opens for such a week or two before the regular season. Indeed, you can often see some of the best alpine racers from around the world there the first week or two of November.

My next brother race trains (for the Masters' series) at Copper and thus is able to sneak in with the Summit County junior racers for early season training. I don't have such connections, so will have to wait.


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