Thursday, September 21, 2006

Novak: Who's Against John Bolton? Novak: Who's Against John Bolton?

Robert Novak asks: Who's Against John Bolton? At present it is not clear which way maverick Republican Chafee will vote. Ambassador Bolton will, again, be opposed by Sen. Dodd, but since AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby, now backs Bolton, presumably due to his actions in the recent incursion by that country into Lebanon, Sen. Schumer has indicated he won't support a filibuster. That sentiment may extend to some of the other Jewish members of the Democratic caucus too.

The reality is that Bolton has done a good job at the U.N. Yes, he has made enemies there, and made them earlier in the State Department. But the reality is that most of the opposition to his nomination is really based on opposition to President Bush's foreign policy, and Bolton is just carrying out his President's wishes - which is probably the problem.


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