Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Al Gore is a Brave Truth Teller? Al Gore is a Brave Truth Teller?

An article in RealClearPolitics titled: Al Gore is a Brave Truth Teller? takes the former VP to task for trying to appear like he is speaking truth to power with his new movie pushing Global Warming. Rather, he is saying exactly what is most politically correct right now, regardless of its truth.

Gore claims that Global Warming is causing the number of hurricanes to increase. Of course, hurricane intensity has only really been measured for a little over 20 years, not really very long given even our own recorded history, and much too short to accurately determine a trend. As importantly though, it appears that the number of severe storms in the Pacific is dropping as quickly as the number in the Atlantic is increasing, netting to zero. Gore would better have said that Global Warming was (possibly) causing an increase in serious hurricanes in the Atlantic, and a corresponding decrease in the Pacific Oceans.

One thing that I did find quite amusing about the article were the quotes from several hurricane experts at Colorado State University. CSU happens to be in Fort Collins, which is about 70 miles north of Denver, which means 70 miles further from the closest ocean, which means that they are almost 1,000 miles from the nearest place that could have hurricanes. Tornados, yes - we get a lot of them. But I suspect that it has been several hundred million years since Colorado experienced its last hurricane. What are these guys doing at CSU?


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