Thursday, May 24, 2007

U.S. Working To Sabotage Iran Nuke Program U.S. Working To Sabotage Iran Nuke Program

CBS: U.S. Working To Sabotage Iran Nuke Program points out that the U.S. plan to disrupt the Iranian nuclear weapons program through covert means is bearing fruit. Iran faces a couple of problems here. First, they are importing the technology through the black market, and thus don't have as much control over what they purchase as if they did it legitimately. Add to this that they aren't really developing the technology themselves. Finally, they are insanely paranoid. So, for every little glitch, they ask themselves, was this a result of the Great Satan meddling? The recent disclosure of this covert program is likely to make them even more paranoid. Is their design going to work right? Did we manage to sneak in some subtle bugs? They won't know this until they have fully tested their devices, which is likely years and years down the road. If they manage to get a nuclear weapon, can they trust it enough to use it against Israel, which has upwards of 100 likely working nuclear devices with which to retaliate. This whole FUD is likely to slow them down more than military strikes would.


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