Friday, May 04, 2007

Frist: General Dave Petraeus . . . A Small World Frist: General Dave Petraeus . . . A Small World

Senator Bill FristGeneral Dave Petraeus . . . A Small World reminds us that in 1991, the man who would ultimate be Senate Majority Leader was working as a trauma surgeon, when he got a serious chest wound call from a training accident at nearby Fort Campbell that was being brought in by chopper. The recipient of a stray M-16 bullet was the man now running our war in Iraq, then the LTC commanding the 3d Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment in the 101st Airborne Division, David Petraeus. Dr. Frist's prompt and skillful surgery quite possibly made possible Gen. Petreaus taking over in Iraq to implement his concepts about fighting a counter-insurgency war in Iraq. As Frist says, a small world.


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Blogger Donald Douglas said...

I've got a couple of posts up this week on the miliary situation in the Middle East, if you'd like to stop by and have a look.

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