Monday, May 07, 2007

Laurie David and her carbon footprint Laurie David and her carbon footprint

National Review Online: Planet Gore looks at Laurie David's carbon footprint. The conclusion is:
So all-in, her stated lifestyle changes have reduced her carbon footprint by about 10 tons / year.

A lot is often made of the fact that she “sometimes” flies in private jets. According to TerraPass, a Gulfstream G4 generates 8,785 Lbs of carbon per flight hour. Let’s assume Laurie David took one roundtrip flight last year between LA and NY. Assume 10 hours of flying time = 87,850 Lbs = 44 tons.

So, so far she’s in the hole by about 34 tons if you assume one r/t private flight.

But hey, she’s started to cut way down on toilet paper.
But of course she starts from a very high plateau, which the author didn't get into. By all indications, her house dwarfs Algore's 10,000 foot home. Changing twenty bulbs probably doesn't cover 5% of the cost of that home. Maybe 1% if she is lucky. And she doesn't fly across country just once a year, nor does she apparently limit herself to domestic flights. So, it is likely that she starts at least 10X the rest of us, and is cutting down to 9.75X. BFD.


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