Sunday, March 04, 2007

Coalition Forces Move Into Sadr City Coalition Forces Move Into Sadr City

Mudville Gazette: Coalition Forces Move Into Sadr City points out that even in the heart of the Shi'a resistance, we are making significant progress in Iraq.

Part of the plan in the Baghdad area is to implement "Joint Security Stations" jointly manned around the clock by Iraqi army, police, and U.S. troops, all living and working together. Interestingly, the Sadr City leaders seem to have welcomed this, their first Joint Security Station, presumably hoping to stem the violence that their very poor part of Baghdad has been experiencing.

What is I think exciting is that we are trying new things, with this new commander in Iraq. And it isn't one size fits all, as evidenced by the Anbar Salvation Council mentioned in my previous post. The rural nature of Anbar calls for one type of approach, and the urban nature of Baghdad calls for quite a different one. And yet, both rely on putting the Iraqis out in front and giving them primary responsibility for their own security.


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