Saturday, March 03, 2007

Iraq Trip Report (SWJ Blog) Iraq Trip Report (SWJ Blog)

Iraq Trip Report (SWJ Blog) has some good news and some bad news as far as things are going in Iraq.
  1. In the south, the U.S. doing little. It is the Britt's responsibility, and they haven't been up to it. Good news is that there is little ethnic cleansing.

  2. In Anbar, 60% of the tribes have signed on with the government. We have already seen good results there.

  3. In Baghdad, the ethnic cleansing of the Sunni Arabs progresses. This is one place where the U.S. can (and is) intervene.

  4. In Baghdad, the Sunni extremists continue their murdering of innocents, mostly Shi'a (and they wonder why the object of the Shi'a ethnic cleansing?)
There is quite a bit more, including a lot of suggestions.


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Anonymous said...

I'm WAY right of center.
Support President Bush and our troops 1000%

Democrats won't be happy until we loose in Iraq.
They discust me some times.

4:40 PM  

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