Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lower body count indicates success with Baghdad plan Lower body count indicates success with Baghdad plan

Wilmington Star: Lower body count indicates success with Baghdad plan:
Baghdad, Iraq: The Baghdad security operation has been under way less than three weeks, but it has already registered a success: a sharp drop in the number of bullet-riddled bodies found in the streets - victims of sectarian death squads.

The number of bodies found so far this month in Baghdad - most of them shot and showing signs of torture - has dropped by nearly 50 percent to 494 as of Monday night, compared with 954 in January and 1,222 in December, according to figures compiled by The Associated Press.

Since the crackdown was formally launched Feb. 14, a total of 164 bodies had been found in the capital as of Monday, according to AP figures, which are compiled from police reports. The AP count showed 390 bodies were discovered in the same period in January.
More good news in Iraq. The "Surge" is just started and has had an affect already.


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