Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Al Franken Announces He Was Once a Comedian Al Franken Announces He Was Once a Comedian

ScrappleFace: Al Franken Announces He Was Once a Comedian:
Former liberal radio host Al Franken, in announcing his candidacy for the U.S. senate in Minnesota, yesterday shocked his potential constituents by revealing that he was once a comedian.

“I realize that most people may be skeptical about my credentials,” said the recently-resigned Air America talkhost in a web video, “But seriously, I was a comedian. I did Saturday Night Live. I played comedy clubs. It’s a matter of public record and I invite journalists to do the research to verify my claim.”

Mr. Franken did not provide any evidence to buttress his allegation about this little-known chapter in his career, but instead devoted the bulk of his announcement video to claims that he has ancestors who worked for a living.

“My wife, Franny, and I come from working class backgrounds,” said Mr. Franken, “Of course, I got away from that miserable, pathetic lifestyle as fast as I could.”
Franken's problem is that the Al Franken decade is long over, and that is really when he ceased to be even somewhat funny. Since then, he appears more angry than anything, though I am not sure why he would be so angry. Maybe it was because his career as a comedian went into the tank then.

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