Wednesday, January 31, 2007

JustOneMinute: Good Morning Plamaniacs! JustOneMinute: Good Morning Plamaniacs!

I like this title from JustOneMinute: Good Morning Plamaniacs! The blog is getting maybe 500 posts a day on the Libby trial. Only the most hard core can keep up. Yes, there are other blogs that are following the trial, but it seems that the official trial blogs are most often ignoring cross examination, which is where the destruction of the prosecution witnesses is taking place. JustOneMinute is pro-Libby, and thus most posters seem to spend their time on the cross.

Following the case to trial has been interesting, as both sides have filed innumerable motions, responses, etc. maneuvering for advantage. Early on, the pleadings were hard to get. More recently, they seem to appear there within hours of being filed.

All in all, great theater.


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