Friday, December 08, 2006

Ski Season (#7) Ski Season (#7)

Keystone looking across at Buffalo Mtn. and Gore Range, and down Schoolmarm ridge at Dillon Lake (and town). One of the nicer views when skiing. Of course, if you have seen this view as many times as I have over the last 36 years, you do take it for granted.

Keystone Area 51 Terrain Park. Rails to the right, and the side of a decent sized jump to the left. Peru lift to the right ran over Thanksgiving, but won't restart for the rest of the season for another week. Our Mtn. Watch dispatch is at the top of it, probably a 100 yards from where this photo was taken, and life is much easier for us when this lift is running.

Breckenridge Peak 8 half pipe. Note the snowmaking, even now. Terrain parks are voracious consumers of the stuff as manufactured snow is used almost exclusively to make the half pipes and jumps.

Copper Mountain, showing a much bigger half pipe. The remains of this pipe will most likely last into August.

And no, that dark blue sky is not an accident. That is one reason that skiing in Colorado is so nice. It has far more of these cloudless days than do the ski areas on either coast or those in Utah.


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