Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Blankley: Hillary, Barack and All That Blankley: Hillary, Barack and All That

Tony Blankley in Hillary, Barack and All That starts off with:
Our long national nightmare is nearly over. With Barack saying he might run, with Hillary reported to "be making phone calls to New Yorkers," with Evan Bayh and Sam Brownback getting less coy by the day and with Tom Vilsack actually announcing his candidacy (the correct pronunciation of his name "that's vill-sack, not vile sack"), the 2008 presidential campaign is about to start. The nightmare of not having a national campaign to talk about -- now into its hideous 29th day -- is almost over.
He then points at Barack's inexperience, Hillary's ability to wage a war of personal destruction against any and all enemies, and concludes with:
But I'll say this for Sen. Obama. If, over the next 25 months, the young paladin can fend off Hillary's bad boys, Arianna's crazy boys and the GOP's back room boys, he may in fact be ready for the big game against Bin Laden's murderous boys.


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