Monday, November 27, 2006

Can a Mormon be President? Can a Mormon be President?

Time asks: Can a Mormon be President? It is interesting that they would ask this question, and indicative of Mitt Romney's chances at the Republican nomination that they do so. It is also interesting that there has been little, if any, note that Harry Reid, soon to be the majority leader in the Senate, is also Mormon.

The constant suggestion from the left (which is where I put Time) that the Religious Right will not accept a Mormon for president. Most indications are that this is more an attempt by the left to sabitage Romney's chances than a real concern of that portion of the Republican constituancy. No question that the left would prefer a Gulliani or a McCain to a religious conservative, regardless of his actual beliefs.

We shall see if their concerns have any basis as we get nearer the 2008 election.


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