Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dems split on extent of ethics changes Dems split on extent of ethics changes

USA Today article: Dems split on extent of ethics changes points to the problems that the incoming Democratic Congress is going to have in enacting any meaningful reforms. Of course, the left leaning paper ignores the fact that the only reason that the American people had any hope that the Democrats would solve the problem about corruption in Congress was the constant drumbeat to that effect by that paper and its MSM brethern. The reality is, of course, that the Democrats are far more corrupt than the Republicans, esp. in the House, as evidenced by Speaker-to-be Pelosi's problems getting her leadership team organized. At least at the top there, the Democrats are horribly corrupt, and a big part of this is the gerrymander of all those majority-minority districts across the country that guarantee even the most corrupt Representatives easy reelection. Newly energized Independent Senator Lieberman may be able to get some ethics reform through the Senate, but anything meaningful is DOA in the House under Pelosi's leadership.


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