Friday, December 29, 2006

Mike Tyson arrested for DUI in Scottsdale Mike Tyson arrested for DUI in Scottsdale

When I was checking out Drudge for the execution of Saddam Hussein, I noticed this article: Tyson admits cocaine addiction in DUI arrest. I wondered whether they would have enough information for me to recognize where he had been arrested in Scottsdale. And, sure enough, I had spent a number of nights right around there, at Drinkwater and Scottsdale. Also, I expect to be walking next week near his house in the Paradise Valley section of Phoenix. I will be in PHX for the week, and many mornings walk with a friend at the PV mall there. Interesting area of town - some very very expensive older houses (in the millions) mixed into some much more meager houses not that far away.

I do understand why Tyson was booked into the downtown PHX jail, but not quite sure why the Buckeye police were the ones busting him for DUI. My experience is that the Scottsdale police are fairly thick around that section of town, esp. late at night, looking for DUIs.

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