Tuesday, November 14, 2006

ScrappleFace: Pelosi Backs Murtha, Cites Ethics Experience ScrappleFace: Pelosi Backs Murtha, Cites Ethics Experience

ScrappleFace today in an article: Pelosi Backs Murtha, Cites Ethics Experience pointed out a pending problem for the Democrats as they take control of Congress: the people that are going to run it are far more corrupt than the Republicans were that they are replacing. All this from a party than ran against a "Culture of Corruption".
(2006-11-14) — House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi today defended her decision to back Rep. Jack Murtha, D-PA, as the next House Majority Leader, citing his extensive ethics experience as crucial to her efforts to “clean up the House.”

“Jack Murtha knows corruption inside and out,” said Rep. Pelosi, D-CA. “If we’re going to purge misconduct from our midst, we need someone intimately familiar with it.”

She distributed to reporters a history of Rep. Murtha’s “work involving ethics,” that she called “a chronicle of accomplishment dating back to the Abscam bribery sting days — making him ideally suited for leadership in the Democrat party.”..

“In brief,” Rep. Pelosi said, “two words sum up Jack Murtha’s qualifications to lead the scouring of the House: unindicted co-conspirator.
Of course, she is also pushing one of six federal judges ever impeached and removed from office by Congress as the new chair of the Intelligence Committee. But it is still unclear whether her proposed House Majority Leader is any more corrupt than the presumptive Senate Majority Leader, "Dirty Harry" Reid.


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