Sunday, October 08, 2006

Steyn: Page scandal makes America look silly Steyn: Page scandal makes America look silly

Mark Steyn: : Page scandal makes America look silly is a very humorous look at the U.S., as only a Britt could do. It is hard to pick out my favorite quote, since so much was so good. But one of them is:
In London, sex scandals come along every other week. You name it, British parliamentarians do it: three-in-a-bed, auto-erotic asphyxiation, gay teen flagellation, getting your toes sucked while wearing the soccer kit of Chelsea Football Club. But at least at Westminster, sex scandals require actual sex. That the governing party of the world's only superpower could be felled by one creepy pervert's masturbatory e-mails and IMs is an event historians will marvel at. Granted that the Roman Empire in its death throes got hung up on gay sex, the American hyperpower seems set to be the first to collapse over gay non-sex.


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