Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Internet Scams - Domain Tasting Internet Scams - Domain Tasting

The register has an article titled: ICANN votes on domain tasting solution that points out another Internet scam. Apparently companies are trying out web sites addresses in bulk, and if anyone tries to access the sites within the five day grace period, the company keeps the domain name. Otherwise, they return this batch, and try another one. This seems fairly inocuous, except that they are doing this at 100k or more at a time. ICANN is proposing that they be charged five cents per returned name. Needless to say, the companies involved in this are screaming.

My somewhat related story is that I had the domain name for at least five years. Then, I let it lapse, and tried to get it back. No way. Some company has grabbed it up, isn't using it, but is trying to sell it back to me for a profit. And this has been going on now for four or five years now.

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