Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Internet Scams - Stock Fraud#2 Internet Scams - Stock Fraud#2

Yesterday, I commented on Internet stock fraud, and I have a couple of other ideas, one of which is that many of the perps don't appear to be American. My gut feeling is East Asian, probably Chinese or Korean, based on the mistakes in English being made. For example, the title of one email was: "Very important letter. You require to read". Another for the same stock (EQTD) has a decent subject line, but starts out with:
The only thing to do on Wednesday October 25 is to get in on EQTD. It will SOAR up next days. There will be over 100% from the very beginning, so do it without delay. After the yesterday's promotion the share price raised on 116% and was 0.013. Those lucky devils who bought stocks at the price of 0.006 yesterday have already earned 100% of their investment. And they will make more. Did you think of it yesterday? If not, think of it now. Now the price is still rising.

More over, with oil markets retreating, big traders are turning to gold, bringing it to levels never before seen. EQTD has made an notice of staggering proportions related to a recent survey on one of their gold properties. The internal scoop is great and we will be looking at a quadrupling of market rate once the public takes notice:
I have underlined a number of places where the spammer's English gives him away. My guess on East Asian is based on the type of mistakes made: missing and misused verbs, noun/object mismatch, and the use of "lucky devils", etc.

What that means is that this sort of stock fraud scam is going to be very hard to police. Many of the likely victims are here in the U.S., while the perps are well beyond the reach of our authorities.

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