Saturday, July 22, 2006

How to blog those photos How to blog those photos

I periodically find photos that I would like to include here while cruising the web. Sometimes it is easy to get the URL for a photo, but that typically requires that the photo be set up with an HTML anchor around it with the proper URL.

Instead, what I find works consistantly in Mozilla, is to select "Page Info" from the "View" menu, then select the "Media" tab. I then scroll down through the various graphics on the page until I find the photo I am looking for. Mozilla kindly displays a smaller version of the graphic for your convenience. I then copy the URL for the photo for insertion in blogger.

Finally, the blogger editor has a little picture up along with its other icons, such as bold, itallics, etc. Clicking on that gives you the option of uploading a graphic from your computer, or inserting a URL. Then, play with the settings to get the desired effect.

I should note that I do take short cuts here. For example, in the next blog entry, I duplicated the same HTML a couple of times, then replaced the URL in the "src=" field of the (IMG) Image tag and the "href=" in the (A) Anchor tag. A bit faster. Also, I sometimes strip off the silly formatting blogger uses.

Note that it is important that the Anchor (A) URL be checked, and maybe fixed, regardless. Blogger starts with the Anchor URL pointing at the photo itself. You sometimes want it to point at something more informative. For example, in the middle picture in the next blog entry, the Anchor "href=" URL points at a "photoessays" page at that includes a caption describing the photo, while the "src=" URL in the Image element points at the picture itself.


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