Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Fallacy of Proportionality The Fallacy of Proportionality

The American Enterprise: The Fallacy of Proportionality starts with:
As Israel defends itself from terrorists intent on the country’s destruction, many foreign leaders have had the audacity to criticize Israel for using disproportionate force. The United States had to veto a United Nations draft resolution sponsored by Qatar, which, among other things, restated the proportionality test that seems to apply only to Israel.
I agree with the article 100% that this suggestion is somewhere between disingenous and silly. Hezbollah is engaged in asymetric warfare, which, by its very nature has to be countered by an asymetric response. I know that this sounds facile, but the reality is that overwhelming force is the only response to asymetric warfare in the form of terrorism that works.

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