Saturday, July 22, 2006

Romney for President Romney for President

My last post was in response to a Rich Lowrey post on a Gingrich presidential candidacy. And, I added that my vote is for Mitt Romney.

For me, Romney is the dream candidate. He is smart, articulate, and looks the president, more than anyone else running right now. Plus, he has a fairly nice resume. Harvard JD/MBA. Mostly self-made millionaire from VC, including helping to run Stapes. Got the SLC Olympics cleaned up and ran it well. Now, the governor of uber-liberal Mass. Implementing almost universal health care there. Most lately, he has jumped in and taken over the operation of the "Big Dig". Not only does he look like a president from central casting, but he acts like one too.

Of course, there is the skeleton in his closet: he is Mormon. But having lived in Salt Lake, and knowing a bunch of Mormons, that doesn't scare me in the least. Officially, the Roman Catholic Church doesn't consider Mormons to be Christian. But, I was in SLC last December, and was struck by the fact that Christmas music, etc., was ubiquitous. Much, much, more so than in either Denver or Phoenix.


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