Saturday, July 22, 2006

Health insurance for all, for real Health insurance for all, for real

Susan Duerksen claims in: Health insurance for all, for real | The San Diego Union-Tribune to finally have the solution for universal health care. And what is it? Digging through her article, her answer is socialized medicine. She carefully skirts around the abject failures that country after country have faced, when implementing socialized medicine. No mention of the long waits, fleeing physicians, shoddy medicine. Just that her organization's solution will solve the funding problem. Their apparent solution: instead of the government running it, it will be a non-profit. Of course, who gets to pick who runs it? The governor? The legislature? The ballot? In short, it will be just as political, just without as much transparency, but with more room for abuse and self-dealing.

Sorry. I don't buy it. Thankfully, I don't live in California, so won't have just one more reason to flee that state, should her organization's proposal pass.


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