Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blogger Look & Feel (#2) Blogger Look & Feel (#2)

A couple of days ago, I made major changes to the look and feel of my Blogger blog. I just tweaked it a bit more today:
  • In "None" mode, I have added the time to the mode selection line. It fit, and it is nice to have there.
  • In "None" mode, I also have changed the URL link on the blog title to the blog entry itself, instead of to the external article referenced by it. This is more logical than the usual, plus otherwise you would have to open up the blog entry (using one of the other three modes) to get access to the blog item link.
Again, all was done with CSS, plus the addition of two [SPAN] HTML elements surrounding the title and URL.


1:14 PM Display: Full / Chopped / Footer

Display: Full / Chopped / None

Display: Full / Footer / None

Display: Chopped / Footer / None


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