Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blogging Intelligence Blogging Intelligence

RealClearPolitics article: Blogging Intelligence tells us that: "A software contractor for the CIA, Christine Axsmith, had been fired for her postings on a restricted-access blog hosted within the intelligence community's classified intranet, known as Interlink". There are a lot of worrying things discussed in the article. One that bothers me is the question of why a software contractor would have access to the type of information she disclosed in the first place. When I had a DOE security clearance as a software contractor, the agency made sure that I didn't have any access to any real data. Interestingly, they would keep all of their classified information in removable disk storage, and whenever any such was mounted, a stobe light would flash throughout the computer rooms. That seems a bit more security conscious than the CIA apparently was here.

Another worrisome aspect of the whole thing is the disclosure that the security agencies have over 1,000 blogs now, behind classified firewalls. Good at some level, for the sharing of information. But bad in situations like this, where too much information was shared.


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