Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Winter - Mountain Watch Winter - Mountain Watch

Winter is on the way. I got an email today that there is a meeting of the volunteer program at Keystone resort that I have worked for the last three years scheduled for Nov. 9, obviously aimed at having some of us on the slopes when the resort opens two days later. I suspect that it will mostly be review. We will still be working for the Ski Patrol, so nothing big organizationally. And then, after a half an hour or so of the Ski Patrol director and the Mtn. Watch supervisior talking, we will be issued our uniforms.

We get the same uniforms as last year - this should be the (third and) last year for them. At the end of the season the last two years, they have asked if we were planning on coming back, and if we were, they marked our uniforms appropriately, and, importantly to us, they didn't look too closely at wear, etc. Even at Vail's wholesale prices, they are expensive.

So, I have about three weeks before I get to hit the slopes. Last spring, I was ready for it to end. Now, I am ready to start again.


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