Monday, October 10, 2005

Winter - kinda, finally Winter - kinda, finally

Winter is on the way here in the mountains of Colorado. When I drove by Loveland Basin the other day on the way up from Denver, they had obviously started making snow. And then, Sat. night late, it started to rain. This turned into snow, and it snowed lightly all day, resulting in a couple inches everywhere from here at 9,000 feet on up.

Winter is coming. Keystone is scheduled to open in less than a month (11/11). Invariably, Loveland and Copper Mountain open even earlier, and the later usually has a week or so of racing camps before the officially open. Indeed, the first couple of weeks they are open, they seem to have half of the area on their few open runs dedicated to race courses - teams come from around the world for early season training, and buy "lane" space on the mountain. Combined with lodging, lifts, etc., this seems to make the resort decent money.

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