Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Server Server

I finally got my server (#G) mostly operational last night. I have Apache running as a web server and GuildFTPd as a FTP server. Both are working great. Apache is now configured for multihosting - different web site images depending on what destination address is specified. I only currently have one domain (, but am planning on moving over another ( when it expires at in a couple of months. Plus, I would like to also host a site for our ski group, the Geriatric Tele Society.

FTP also works well. I am able to provide different images or files based on the user id specified, and able to limit those signing on to just that, and nothing else.

I was also able to test some of the routing through firewalls by specifying (via "lmhosts") my router's external address. Unfortunately, specifying the modem's external address gets me the modem and not the router (and computers) behind it. Still, it works well.

I should add that I brought up MSFT Virtual Circuits (VC) a couple of weeks ago successfully, and have used such remotely several times.

The only thing I have left is email. Hopefully, in another week or so, I will have that going too.

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