Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rove/Libby/Miller/Plame/Wilson Rove/Libby/Miller/Plame/Wilson

The special prosecutor is running out of time with his grand jury. I expect something one way or another in the next day or so. The pundits are going crazy. The libs, like Chris Matthews, are ready to put the handcuffs on Libby, Rove, and Cheny, by themselves, if it will help the special prosecutor.

I did find interesting an editorial from Gary Hart today in the Denver Post. Hart was, of course, at one time a Senator from Colorado, and sat on the Senate Intelligence Committee when the identity act was passed that was probably not violated by the outing of Plame. He also ran for president, before being caught on the "Monkey Business" with a woman not his wife sitting on his lap. More recently, he just makes a lot of money "consulting" and lives not far from my father and brothers west of Denver in the mountains.

Well, Hart went on and on about how evil it was that someone would endanger a covert operative by disclosing her identity. No mention was made, of course, about why it was disclosed, or even if she was covert at the time.

Oh, and one rumor is that neighbors of Wilson and Plame were reinterviewed today by the FBI trying to determine whether or not they knew of Plame's CIA employment before this all blew up. Personally, I find this rumor questionable, given how thorough the special prosecutor has been.

In any case, we should actually have some idea of what is going on in the next day or two. So all this prognostication is just hot air to me. And this means no more anonymous sources, even if doubly sourced (which was used a couple of times today to give extra credibilty to some anonymous sources).


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