Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Spam (#3) Spam (#3)

I don't get it. I hadn't checked my mail since before dinner, maybe five hours ago, and found 31 new messages in my inbox. Three were quasi-legitimate, which left 28 as spam.

But of those 28, the five of the first six were identical, all supposedly coming from "info@fxoq.com", and all having the same unintelligable subject line. But then, another five were similar, with an email id of "info", a nonsensical domain name, and total garbage as the subject. I guess the idea is that if I saw so many of them, I must think that they were important, or something.

Oh, and one from "account@paypal.com" and two from "account@amazon.com" all apparently wanting me to give them the information they need to drain my bank accounts.

Do they really think this sort of thing really works? Someone must, or I wouldn't keep getting it.

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