Monday, September 17, 2007

Snow! Snow!

Looks like the first snow of the season here in Summit County, Colorado. The photo was taken just now at about 9,000 feet, so my guess is that the snow line is about 10,000 feet or so, which is about the base elevation of most of the ski areas in the county.

You know when you are nearing ski season when you start having ski swaps. This last weekend, there was one in Breckenridge to benefit Team Summit ski and board team. Team Summit is a successor of the various ski area ski teams, including the Keystone ski team, which in turn is a successor to the A-Basin ski team that I raced for in high school, almost 40 years ago.

I managed to survive the ski swap with only buying a new helmet and gloves. Last year at the Vail ski swap, I ended up buying two pair of skis, two pair of poles (identical, for when I break one), and a pair of boots (not for me). I did try on some boots and looked at skis, but already have one almost new pair of AT skis and should have new AT books on order - and the boots have both AT and Alpine soles that can be interchanged.

So, ski season is just around the corner. I expect to be on skis by the end of October, maybe six weeks from now, and my brother will be even sooner for race training.


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