Monday, September 03, 2007

Hit & Run > Two More Isolated Incidents Hit & Run > Two More Isolated Incidents

Reason Magazine: Hit & Run > Two More Isolated Incidents where the cops hit the wrong houses in no-knock raids. Again, the question arises, how did we got to this place, and what can we do about it? The police have become paramilitarized, and have every incentive these days to use overwhelming force to serve search warrants, esp. in the "War on Drugs". But, being government organizations, these SWAT teams become self-perpetuating, increasing their mandates to justify their increase in spending. Besides, a lot of cops would love to dress up in black, play with cool toys, break down doors, and generally terrorize the population.

The solution is to remove sovereign immunity from over zealous cops and their enablers. If they break down a door, and there are no drugs found, then they should have to pay to fix things up. And if they terrorize innocents for a mistake of theirs, they should be treated like anyone else who puts a gun to someone's head to terrorize them. And maybe a couple of outrageous conduct verdicts bankrupting some cities because of their SWAT teams will put an end to this.

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