Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More spam scams More spam scams

While some spam scams are getting more sophisticated, I am seeing a lot more stupid ones too. Yesterday, I got an email from a generic "Central Bank" asking me to, of course, update my account information. Today, it is from Ethan at yoyecm@highdown.com. Unfortunately for Ethan, I am the administrator for highdown.com, and have never assigned that email address. Worse, it is sent to "Lorna" who coincidently has my email address. Nevertheless, the crudeness is interesting:
We spoke a few days ago and I'd like to confirm everything now.
Please go over the information below and let me know if you have any questions.
We are accepting your form. Your status has been accepted.
We need to confirm your details one more time.
Just check the URL above and fill out our last form.
The email appears by its header to have come from comcast.com. But the domain name (hocktwouser.com) was registerd to Gary Reed of Vancouver, BC, three days ago. Wonder how long it is going to take the Mounties to knock on his door at 3495 Cambie street, in Vancouver? He even has a phone number ((604)767-8695) and email address (garyr@coldmail.ca).

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