Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Job offer from Dr. Kenneth Scott of Hong Kong Job offer from Dr. Kenneth Scott of Hong Kong

I just received a great job offer from Dr. Kenneth Scott, presumably in Hong Kong. All I have to do is flush money through my account and get a 10% profit. It looks very simple. He is offering:
  1. Receive payments from My Clients/Associates through bank transfers or check.
  2. Cash the Payments at your Bank.
  3. Deduct 10% which will be your commission/percentage on Payment processed.
  4. You are to remit the balance via Money Gram or Western Union.
What could be wrong with such an easy way of making money?

Most likely, the scam involves the checks or money transfers either being bogus or reversed. But he wants near cash as payment.

I recently looked into Moneygrams, etc., in regards to an eBay purchase where the seller didn't accept PayPal. Once you send them, you can't cancel them. Thus, they are almost equivalent to cash. So, when Mr. Scott's check bounces or wire transfer is reversed, his "agents" are going to be left with a 90% losses with little recourse, given that he lives half way around the world.

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