Thursday, February 22, 2007

Why Geffen Said What He Said (about Hillary) Why Geffen Said What He Said (about Hillary)

Roger L. Simon: Why Geffen Said What He Said figures that:
Rumors are flying about. Geffen was angry that Bill pardoned the creepy Marc Rich but didn't pardon the "heroic" Leonard Peltier. (Clinton was wrong about Rich but right about Peltier, in my view.) I don't buy it. There would seemingly have to be something more personal or stronger to merit such vitriol (calling the Clintons liars on that level).

But I don't think it's personal at all. I think it has to do with something much more pragmatic to Geffen - and my wife Sheryl pointed this out. Geffen doesn't think Hillary can win.
But I am posting this in particular because of the great comments. For example:
We’re almost at the point where Hilary will claim that Barack is the father of Anna Nicole’s kid in hopes that the court will sustain the claim, award Obama the kid and the loot, just to get him out of the race.

The only thing that may preclude this move is Hilary’s concern that Bill may in fact be the father.

And we have 18 more months of this?


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