Sunday, November 19, 2006

Can the Neocons Get Their Groove Back Can the Neocons Get Their Groove Back

WaPo article by Joshua Muravchik asks: Can the Neocons Get Their Groove Back? His answer is a decided yes. He admits that the neocons were instrumental in our decision to intervene in Iraq, but then blames the current situation on the execution of the war.

Overall, I do agree with neocons on many subjects. But I must point out that one of the things that I most agree with is that the major problem with the government solving most problems is that the law of unintended consequences. The government is more likely to screw stuff up than to fix it - and that is because of the nature of government. Governments are political bureaucracies, and, as such, can't keep their eye on the ball, but invariably get sidetracked by other priorities and agendas. When it came to pushing a military solution, why did they think that the government would do any better than it does with internal governmental solutions to problems?

I have heard that a neoconservative is a progressive hit on the head by reality. But they seem to have forgotten this with their push for a military solution here.

That said, I agree with their ultimate solution - that the only way to solve the problem of militant Islam is by changing the political culture in the Middle East. And, as the author points out, what we have done in Iraq has already paid dividends in that area.


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