Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Future of Higher Ed The Future of Higher Ed

TCS Daily: The Future of Higher Ed criticizes a report by the National Commission on the Future of Higher Education for not going far enough.
The commission was also silent on other important issues. Despite a plethora of evidence that higher education lacks intellectual diversity, especially amongst faculty members, there is no mention whatsoever of this eyesore in the report. This was a glaring oversight, especially since many important groups have documented this problem extensively in recent years. In the same vein, the report ignores areas such as grade inflation, the unnecessary increase in university bureaucracy, the explosion of labor unions on college campuses, the shift from faculty instruction to faculty research, and the growing costs for non-academic activities such as intercollegiate athletics and the construction of Taj Mahal dorms and fitness centers. The commission's work would have been significantly stronger if they would have at least examined these issues.


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