Thursday, September 14, 2006

Blogging for Bolton Blogging for Bolton

John Bolton Phone Bank
Senator Frist and VOLPAC have out a Blogging for Bolton web site. I wouldn't call it a blog, but rather somewhere to distribute pictures of Bolton and a way to get people to call their Democratic Senators.

I do think that John Bolton has done a remarkably good job as our U.N. Ambassador, far better than many of his predecessors in the recent past. And it is political grandstanding that is keeping those Democratic Senators from confirming him.

Nevertheless, I am not sure how effective this is going to be. It uses blogging to distribute links to the site, but that is about it. One thing I think they should do is highlight some of Ambassador Bolton's accomplishments, speeches, etc. during his interim appointment.

I should add that Blogger seems to have some problem with the URL for the pictures for the campaign that the site is trying to get out. Blogger munched up the URL for the picture between when I saved this post and reopened it for editing. Not a good sign.


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