Monday, August 28, 2006

Judge Taylor: A law unto herself Judge Taylor: A law unto herself

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Jack Kelly: A law unto herself about Judge Taylor's decision in the MI ACLU v. NSA litigation points out why:
Judge Anna Diggs Taylor illustrates why Democrats cannot be trusted with political power in time of war.
He goes on to say:
Her ruling was praised by Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and other prominent Democrats.

"With a careful, thoroughly grounded opinion, one judge in Michigan has done what 535 members of Congress have so abysmally failed to do," The New York Times gushed in an editorial Aug. 18.

But the Times was pretty much alone in its opinion that Judge Taylor's decision was "careful" and "thoroughly grounded."

In its editorial the same day, The Washington Post said Judge Diggs' decision "is neither careful nor scholarly, and is hard-hitting only in the sense that a bludgeon is hard-hitting."

"There is poor reasoning, and then there is head-spinningly, jaw droppingly poor reasoning," said The Washington Times.


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